Saturday, 27 March 2010


To blog, or not to blog. That is the question. There is a vicious and heated internal debate going on over this. In one corner there is Mrs Rational, heckling with remarks like - "get a job", "who do you think you are?" and "don't be a hypocrite". In the opposite corner is "The Escapee"*. The Escapee is eager to see the blog become a well-received form of humorous social commentary.

On the sidelines are some critics, even detractors, some of whom resemble Springgirl's siblings ("she has started a blog! How embarrassing", "too much time on her hands...", "leave her be, she is enjoying herself..."). There are a few cynics. The cynics are whispering behind their lattes - "this is all about promoting her business and her book".

Still, a few well-wishers have also gathered. Their cries of "you go Springgirl", "keep us posted" and "if you have something to say, we want to hear it", spur Springgirl on.

Stilling the crowd - hardly a crowd, to be honest -more like a small party of elderly stragglers waiting for the final credits at the end of a film screening - those who just had to see who it was that performed that lovely song right before the end of the film - Springgirl clears her throat, smiles tentatively and, throwing away her last vestiges of self consciousness, begins:

Welcome. As the name suggests, the Spring to Mind Blog purports to:
  • express Spring like thoughts and musings;
  • express decidedly not-Spring-like thoughts and musings in the hope that a more Spring-like attitude might be developed;
  • clarify ideas so that one can spring to action - into a new paradigm (ssh detractors!);
  • facilitate the quieting of those subversive, intolerant or frustrated thoughts that prevent one from accessing one's internal spring (of joy, happiness and engagement).

Topics will be broad in range, if not in in point of view. Among the first subjects to be addressed are:
Find your inner Spring
Spring cleaning and how to avoid it
Eat more spring onions - acidic and pure
The colours of Spring

How fitting then as the clocks go forward and we here in the UK embrace the promise of a new season, a new time, that we pause and give thanks for the winter that was.

Thanks Winter.

Spring has come. The little green shoots on the trees in the gardens and parks smile at us as we bustle by beneath them on our way to school and work. Blossoms, increasingly bountiful, tantalise us and herald the hay-fever season ahead. And the more optimistic fashion followers appear like Eric Carle's butterfly - to be admired and revered - bringing colour once more to the grimy, puddled streets.

That might be enough, eh? No point wearing yourself out Springgirl. Keep a few cards up your sleeve for your next posting, if that's what it's even called.

Remember to move the hour hand forward tonight. Musn't miss the Palm Sunday service in the morning. Also there is still that pile of ironing to do and one less hour to do it in tomorrow, so best sign off now.

* The Escapee was in deep cover for several years and recently found her way back into mainstream life. Her return has been generally well received. Indeed, in some quarters she is very popular. The Escapee is all about giving things a try, enjoying the journey and seeing the fun in everything.

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